Dive into Prehistory.

A hidden treasure in the province of Segovia (Spain) awaits you.

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The Waterfall

An underground museum

The Cave of Enebralejos, next to the village of Prádena de la Sierra, is the most important of the known ones in the province of Segovia.

From its entrance, the cave presents us with the beauty of its rooms and galleries, adorned with a splendid set of calcareous concretions: stalactites, stalagmites, columns, flowstones and draperies occur as we go deeper into it.

We also find numerous examples of the use of the cave as a necropolis by our ancestors of the Chalcolithic in the form of paintings and engravings that have been dated to about 2500 BC.

Holly leaf

Located in an exceptional environment

In the foothills of Somosierra and a few minutes away from the cave is Prádena, a castilian town that stands out for its "acebal", considered the largest holly forest in the Central System.

The township is also known for the church of San Martín de Tours, the hermitage of San Roque and its rich gastronomy, being the lamb stew its most representative dish.

Just an hour from Madrid

The cavern is located in the town of Prádena de la Sierra (Segovia), half a mile away from the town. It is accessed from the N-110 by a path that starts from the detour of the village road.

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